Top 10 Equipment Rental Companies 2021

 Equipment rental helps companies lessen their fixed costs and drastically reduces the financial risks of possessing equipment fleets. By renting instead of possessing, the user pays only for equipment when it is required from the equipment rental companies in California. Along with the rental, it decreases the ongoing costs that are accompanied by equipment ownership, including maintenance, in-service inspections, repairs, transportation, and storage. 

Let us know which are the top 10 equipment rental companies of 2021. We have closely monitored the orders received by the power tools online in California. 


  1. Aztec Rental IncIf you don’t own any equipment, then you need not havbought it. If you need a pruner, pump, or pipe-cutter in a pinch, Aztec would be the ideal company to look forward to for renting or purchasing the right tools to complete your project within its deadline. Everyone appreciates their selection of operator-free rental equipment. 


  1. Stone EquipmentStone Equipment Company launched its business in 2010. Identifying the need to offer a better solution for the purchase and rental of quarry and aggregate equipment, Stone Equipment Co., Inc. was established. They work with the industry through great collaborations with top manufacturers and memberships in industry-specific groups to serve better and impart knowledge to their customers.  


  1. Elite Equipment Rental- Elite Equipment Rental and Sales, LLC is located in Lake Charles, LA, the United States and is a constituent of the Commercial & Industrial Equipment Rental & Leasing Industry. Elite Equipment Rental and Sales, LLC comprises of total 30 employees across all of its locations and generates $1.40 million in revenue (USD). There are 2 companies in the Elite Equipment Rental and Sales, LLC corporate family. 


  1. New Image Paint & Body- One of the finest paints and body shops in Orange County according to a wide range of customers from everyday drivers, insurance companies, to large fleet entitielike DHL. Their team of paint and body specialists slogs hard to make your vehicle or company equipment appear extraordinaryTheir aim at New Image is to do the job properly, at the best price, and to get you back onto the road as soon as possible. 


  1. Nor-Cal Equipment Rentals- Nor-Cal Equipment Rentals was founded in 2004 and is providing outstanding service and equipment since thenTheir competence lies in contractor and homeowner equipment rentals and sales. Their customers value their commitment to delivering the absolute best in customer service and credible equipment using brands you are aware of and have faith in 


  1. Cresco Equipment RentalsFounded in 1984 by Chet Cushing in Martinez California, Cresco aims to exceed expectations, know the answers before being questionedand thoroughly train their team at Cresco University so that they can serve their clients professionally and confidently. The core values they believe in are Teamwork, Service, and Fun. With 19 locations throughout Northern California, they can fulfill your needs. 


  1. United RentalsUnited Rentals, Inc. is the world's biggest equipment rental company, with almost 13 percent of the North American market share as of 2019. It occupies the largest rental fleet in the world with approximately 660,000 rental units amounting to $14.2 billion in actual equipment cost. 


  1. Sunstate EquipmentSince 1977, Sunstate Equipment offers construction, industrial, and special event companies with excellent quality construction rental equipment and tools. Their reliable service and dedication towards their customers facilitate them to get their job done with utmost efficiency and safety. Presently, they have equipment rental locations in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee. 


  1. Sky Lift RentalsServing South California since 1986, Sky Lift is considered to be the most reliable aerial lift rental supplier. Their rental fleet comprises personnel lifts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, forklifts, material lifts, trenchers, backhoes, and excavators. Every piece of equipment they supply is from leading manufacturers to ensure that their customers avail of the safest and most reliable piece of available equipment. 


  1. Highland Equipment RentalOver the last 30 years, Highland Equipment has facilitated umpteen professionals and homeowners. From beginning to completiontheir service-oriented team is always reliable, on time, and ready to deliver. 


If you are a seeker of the best rental equipment in California for the year 2021, you need to check the goodwill of the equipment providers. Additionally, you must confirm that the supplied pieces of equipment are authentic enough for your business needs. 


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